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What They Said...

'What rascals these poles are producing...Amundsen has been deliberately forming a plan to steal a march on Scott. He is a blackguard.' - Sir Clements Markham, President of the Royal Geographic Society

'They say Amundsen has been underhand in the way he has gone about it but I personally don't see it is underhand to keep your mouth shut.' - Captain Oates.

'I cannot see how Amundsen can hope to reach the South Pole unless he has a large number of ponies on board. He may have dogs, but they are not very reliable.' - Sir Ernest Shackleton, Polar Explorer

'The English have loudly and openly told the world that skis and dogs are unuseable in these regions and that fur clothes are rubbish. We will see-- we will see...' - Amundsen

'I think these Norskies are a very tough lot. They will have 200 dogs,... also they are very good ski-runners while we can only walk. If Scott does anything silly such as underfeeding his ponies he will be beaten as surely as death.' - Captain Oates

'There are a number of circumstances which make me doubt Amundsen's ability to achieve his object; on the other hand he would find it difficult to acknowledge defeat, and I cannot imagine him reporting it.' - Captain Scott

'Victory awaits those who have everything in order - people call that luck. Defeat awaits those who don't. This they call bad luck.' - Amundsen

'The causes of this disaster are... not due to faulty organisation but to misfortune in all risks which had to be undertaken...' - Scott

'We owe honour and gratitude to Captain Scott and his companions for showing thath the solid stuff of national character is still among us, and that men are still willing to be "killed in action" for an idea.' - The Times (12 February 1913)

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