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Framheim obtains The Last Place on Earth Publicity kit

"Wouldn't that be a coup, of sorts?"

Framheim was lucky enough to come into the possession of an Original LPOE publicity kit, released by Central Productions shortly before the series aired in 1985. We are reproducing portions of it here, typographical errors and all, for the edification of all the LPOE fans we know are out there. Having retyped 20-some-odd pages of text, we feel it is important to note that the liberal use of commas, the factual errors, the poor grammar and any other editing faux pas are directly from Central, not Framheim. While the desire to edit was nearly overwhelming, we thought it better to present the package exactly as it was presented originally, warts and all.

The packet was obtained from Flashbacks, a British movie memorabilia store, via eBay. Our thanks to our friend Bill for pointing it out to us.

The kit contains 8 black and white photographs from the production, 5 chapters on the production and history, story synopses of the first two episodes, actors' biographies, production biographies, and cast and crew list. The write-ups come on this wonderful LPOE letterhead: near card-stock quality, an overcast greyish-green, with steel grey title lettering and a wide-shot halftone picture of the Scott team manhauling across the ice. It is both lovely and obviously 1985. All text is typed and double-spaced.

It comes in a tri-fold card stock folder, with pictures of Shaw and Ousdal on the front. On the outside of the right fold is a fantastic map of the routes Scott and Amundsen took to the pole. The rest of the covers have stills from the show and blurbs about the program. The back shows Terra Nova peeking out from behind an iceberg, and lists Central's addresses. It is a lovely thing to have.

© 2001 Richard Dacre

Reproduced here are :

  • Introduction
  • The Building of a Myth
  • What They Said
  • Who's who: Scott and Amundsen
  • On Location in the Arctic
  • Actors' Biographies: Martin Shaw, Sverre Anker Ousdal, Susan Wooldridge, Stephen Moore,
    Max von Sydow, Richard Morant, Sylvester McCoy, Pat Roach, Michael Maloney

  • Copyright © 2000, 2001 Emily Slatten; about framheim; about the pictures