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Sylvester McCoy

plays Lieutenant Bowers

Born in Argyll, Sylvester McCoy can claim to be a Highlander, despite having an Irish mother and an English father. After a variety of jobs he only turned to acting at the age of twenty-seven. He began in 1971, in Ken Campbell's Roadshow, touring all round Europe and Israel.

Back in the U.K. McCoy joined the Theatre Royal at Stratford East under Joan Littlewood. He then spent two years at the NottinghamPlayhouse before signing for 'Vision On', the award winning children's television programme originally designed for the deaf. His talent for visual comedy led to further work in children's television, and an expanding range of roles. His debut in opera was at the Welsh National where he played Puck in 'A midsummer Night's Dream'. A serious dramatic role in Dario Fo's long running West End play 'Can't Pay, Won't Pay' brought him "two and a half years without a day off", before he changed tack again in 'The Pirates of Penzance' at the theatre Royal Drury Lane in 1982. Since completing the role of Bowers in 'The Last Place on Earth', Syvester McCoy has played Buster Keaton at the Nottingham Playhouse, a part written especially for him, and appeared in 'Dramarama' for TVS. He is currently rehearsing in a 6-part BBC TV series 'Eureka'. [1985]

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