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Michael Maloney

plays Lt. Evans

For Michael Maloney, the part of Lt. Evans in 'The Last Place on Earth' is a continuation of the middle class image he acquired as Peter Telford in the excellent television series 'Telford's Change' - his first part after leaving LAMDA in 1978. His second role was something of a come down - the back end of a cow in a pantomime at the Citizen's Theatre in Glascow - but the obscurity didn't last. A year in London's West End in 'Can You Hear Me at the Back?' was followed by a long run in Alan Ayckbourn's 'Taking Steps'. In 1982 he began an eighteen month stint with the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford playing a variety of roles including 'Antony and Cleopatra' with Helen Mirren.

On television he played Toby in 'The Bell' and more recently Damis in 'Tartuffe'. He has also made three films, 'Sharma and Beyond', for David Puttnam's First Love Series, 'Richard's Things', and 'Ordeal by Innocence', an Agatha Christie thriller. Michael Maloney has recently been appearing in 'Two Planks and A Passion' at the Greenwich Theatre in London. [1985]

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