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Polar links (in random order)

Dan Merrick's Father went to Antarctica
A McSweeney's Shackleton Funny
A Shackleton song from the band Ironia
American Museum of Natural History Shackleton Exhibit
The Shack - a Shackleton fan site
Shackleton Antarctic Endurance Photography
The James Caird Society
The Geographical Society
Sea Monsters of Antarctica
USA Today's Cold Science
Wild South Antarctic Videos
Nautical World postcards
British National Maritime Museum
Yahooligans-- RF Scott
The South Pole
ComputerWorld Antarctica
Virtual Tour Antarctica
Scott Polar Research Institute
Index to Antarctic expeditions
SPRILIB Antarctica
Nova - Shackleton
Nova - global warming
The Antarctica Project
Antarctic Connection
Kodak - Frank Hurley
Diving under Antarctic Ice

Actor's pages

Pat Roach - Official Home Page
Stephen Moore - Official Home Page

Fan Sites

Hugh Grant
Michael Maloney
Sylvester McCoy
Daragh O'Malley
Daragh O'Malley as Sergeant Harper
Martin Shaw
Bjorn Skagestad
Max von Sydow
Nationaltheatret til Norge

Funny places and Good Reads

Bob the Angry Flower
The Daily Show
Mighty Big TV
Brunching Shuttlecocks
The Onion
In Passing
The Gallery of Regrettable Food
The Bathroom Diaries

FOF (Friends of Framheim)

Hey Kids Comics
David McGonigal - who motorcycled around Antarctica
Marie and Roar - in Norway
The Cowgirl Corral
Kevin McCorry - Last Place on Earth
Lesley - Favorite fan pages
Frank Nugent - Northwest Passage Expedition (not working for Netscape users)
Frank Nugent - South Georgia Expedition
Len Airey - On Antarctica

Other places to visit

Fram Museum
Kon-Tiki museum
Norwegian Maritime Museum
Viking Ship Museum
Norwegian Folk museum

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