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Video Picks

For the couch potato in all of us

Most of these titles are available at Antarctic Connection or Amazon.com

The Last Place on Earth, Directed by Ferdinand Fairfax, © 1985.
Like almost all Masterpiece Theatre presentations, this is fantastic. Kudos to the writer for the realistic dialog; to the Casting director for brilliant casting; to the Director for not underestimating our intelligence.

Scott of the Antarctic, Directed by Charles Frend, © 1949.
This would be best seen directly after watching the last episode of Last Place on Earth. The juxtoposition is quite enlightening, and you'll get an idea of just what Roland Huntford was trying to combat in his book.

Flight of the Eagle, Directed by Jan Troell
Tells the story of the Swedish Andree expedition to the North Pole in a balloon. It's quite fascinating.

The Red Tent, Directed by Mikhail Kalatozov
A fictional account of Umberto Nobile's failed attempt to get to the Noth Pole by dirigible. Good News: It's got Amundsen in it. Weird News: He's played by Sean Connery. It's just odd to hear Amundsen speak with a Scottish brogue.

South, Directed by Frank Hurley, © 1919.
To think that these films taken on board the Endurance and Elephant Island survived the ordeal along with Hurley is astonishing. An excellent pictorial of the Endurance voyage (at least, part of it) and Antarctic Wildlife.

90 Degrees South, Photographed and narrated by Herbert Ponting, © 1933.
An utterly eerie movie put together by the British Film Institute's National Film Archive. It includes footage of the polar party demonstrating how they would be living whilst on the march for the pole.

Exploring Antarctica, Rand McNally
Covering Antarctic History, animals and scenery, this features a FOF (friend of Framheim) and we're pleased to list it here.

Kulturevideo sells videos of pbs programs, and they have a few on Antarctica, including one from our friend Frank Nugent. My order hasn't arrived yet, but if you'd like to check them out, please do:

Great Adventures: Robert Falcon Scott
Great Adventures: Ernest Shackleton to the End of the Earth
Shackleton: Escape from Antarctica (a documentary on Frank Nugent's expedition to South Georgia)
Frozen Heart: Roald Amundsen

There are quite a few other Antarctic videos that we haven't seen, but we are sure they're well worth checking out.

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