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We'll start in the children's section, because it reminds us of our youth, strolling arm in arm through the musty corridors of the old library, where our ducks were always clean and we were fortunate to have weird parents who read to us. With a childhood like that, who wouldn't want their own phantom tollbooth?

If you've already hit those kids books, you may begin to see why all our favorites are kinda funny. Page 49 proves that even a 14 year old polargeek can get published in real books. And if you believe, as we do, that only pessimists are ever pleasantly surprised, then you're in the right place.

We're sure you haven't had your fill of history yet, so here's some more. Remember your grade school social studies? We hope not, though you might have if Will Cuppy had been your teacher. If you're someone who thinks Rush Limbaugh is a big, fat idiot, then you may want to piss him off further by reading some excellent commie pinko propaganda. It will make you want to tour America in a Winnebago. And then move out of the country.

We hope you have enjoyed being exposed to some books you may have otherwise missed. Thank goodness Michael Palin has shown us that our Polar obsession isn't so bad. Absurd, perhaps, but it makes things interesting.

You're still here? Well, then, you've got to read this.

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