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Favorite books of the resident Polargeeks

Non-polar, of course.

Arm in Arm, by Remy Charlip.
It's like an acid trip for children, but in a good way. Children's book. Look it up

Duck is Dirty, by Satoshi Kitamura.
Cutest illustrations ever. There is a whole series of these: Dog is Thirsty, Cat is Sleepy, etc. Good for new readers. Children's book. Look it up

Fortunately, by Remy Charlip
We loved this one as children. Children's book. Look it up

The Phantom Tollbooth, by Norton Juster
For older kids. Full of math and language jokes. No doubt this had an effect on our propensity for puns. Young adult book. Look it up

Son of It Was a Dark and Stormy Night, Compiled by Scott Rice.
Entries from a contest on the worst first lines of the worst books never written. Our entry is on page 49. Nothing like hitting the apex of one's publishing career at age 14. Humor. Look it up

Today I will Nourish my Inner Martyr, by Sarah Mills and Ann Thorhill
Chicken soup, schnicken soup. Like a vodka tonic for the soul. Humor. Look it up

Rush Limbaugh is a Big, Fat Idiot, by Al Franken
Need more be said? Humor. Look it up

The Pessimist's Guide to History, by Stuart and Doris Flexner, with content assistance from our own Polargeek #2
Proof that life has always sucked. History. Look it up

Lies my Teacher Told Me, by James W. Loewen
The unlearning of years of misinformation starts here. History. Look it up

The Decline and Fall of Practically Everybody, by Will Cuppy
Will Cuppy is the father of all nonsequiturs and silly footnotes. History. Look it up

A People's History of the United States, by Howard Zinn
A working person's-view of US history. Puts a whole lot in perspective. History. Look it up

Lies Across America, by James W. Loewen
Makes you want to stop at every roadside historical marker and question it. History. Look it up

The Geography of Nowhere, by James Howard Kunstler
Totally enlightening to those of us who grew up in the suburbs. Social Geography (?). Look it up

Exposure, by Kathryn Harrison
Somewhat disturbing account of a kleptomaniacal diabetic. Included here because a certain polargeek is one of those too. Diabetic, that is. Harrison's best, in our humble but sweet opinion. Fiction. Look it up

Hemingway's Chair, by Michael Palin
Yes, fiction from that Michael Palin. Funny and interesting. Apparently, some people are as obsessed about Hemingway as we are about the Poles. Fiction. Look it up

Short Stories, by Nicholai Gogol
The David Lynch of Tsarist Russia. Dark and hilarious, you'll never look at your nose the same way again. Fiction. Look it up

You've Got to Read This,Compiled by Ron Hansen, Jim Shepard
A collection of famous writers' favorite stories. It's true, you've got to read this. Fiction. Look it up

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