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The (almost) Compleat Polargeek

Accumulations of the Sisters Bibliophile (Katherine and Emily)


§ -- Can be found in the Antarctic room
¥ -- Can be found in the Arctic room
± -- Can be found in the Polar room
ß -- Can be found in the Not recommended room
ð -- Currently reading -- expect a review soon!

Alone §
The Amundsen Photographs
Andree's Story
The Antarctic Challenged §
Antarctic Eyewitness
Antarctic Miscellany §
Antarctic Navigation ß
Antarctic Obsession ð
Antarctic Odyssey §
Antarctica: An Encyclopædia §
Arctic Grail, The ¥
Arctic Solitudes
At the Ends of the Earth
Avec Nansen au Pole Nord (With Nansen at the North Pole) -- in French
Before the Heroes Came §
The Birthday Boys §
Bold Endeavors ±
British Polar Explorers
Captain Bligh's Portable Nightmare ±
Disappearance: a Map
Discovery of the North Pole ±
Endurance §
The Endurance
Et liv i Isen (A life in the Ice) -- in Norwegian
Farthest North ¥ in-depth review
First Crossing of the Polar Sea ¥
Flight of the Eagle
Fram over Polhavet (Fram at the Pole) -- in Norwegian
Frost on my Mustache ¥
Frozen in Time ¥
Ghosts of Cape Sabine ¥
Great Exploration Hoaxes ±
Greetings from Antarctica §
Heart of the Antarctic §
Home of the Blizzard
I May Be Some Time ±
Icemen: a History of the Arctic and its Explorers
In the Antarctic §
Judgement over the Dead §ð
The Last Place on Earth §
Leading at the Edge
Let Heroes Speak §
Lonely Planet Antarctica ¥
Mawson's Will §
Mrs. Chippy's Last Expedition ß
Nansen in the Frozen World -- in English and Norwegian ¥
Nansen vers le Pole (Nansen at the Pole) -- in French
No Surrender! §
The Norwegian with Scott §ð
On Antarctica § in-depth review
Polarnaturen (Polar Nature) -- in Swedish
Pole to Pole ±
The Race §ð
The Rescue of Captain Scott
Safe Return Doubtful: The Heroic Age of Polar Exploration ±
Scott's Last Expedition §
Scott's Last Voyage
Shackleton §
Shackleton, The Antarctic and Endurance
Shackleton: The Antarctic Challenge
Shackleton's Boat
Shackleton's Way
Shipwreck at the Bottom of the World
Silas §
South §
The South Pole §
South with Scott §ð
Sverdrup's Arctic Adventures
Terra Incognita §
Terra Nova §
Through the First Antarctic Night
Tom Crean, Unsung Hero § excerpt
Trial by Ice §
Weird and Tragic Shores ¥
The Worst Journey in the World §

K total: 9
E total: 67
Total: 76

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