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"A good library was of great importance, and thanks to publishers and friends...we were very well supplied in this respect."
--Fridtjof Nansen, Farthest North

Welcome to the library!

Might we suggest you begin in our Antarctica room. It is an excellent place to read more on the subjects touched in the history section of Framheim. Of course, if you prefer polar bears to penguins, we also have the Arctic room, where you'll find more death and cannibalism than you can shake a stick at. Our generic Polar room has some interesting books on the more general subject of Ice and Exploration. We cannot stress enough how helpful the books in these rooms have been. We also have a video library, in case you need a rest from reading. If you must, you may venture back into the musty not recommended room, where, in the interest of evenhandedness, we list those books which, for one reason or another, were deemed Not Very Good by our staff of dedicated librarians. Please keep in mind these librarians tend to be awfully picky.

If you'd prefer to browse the stacks of an actual library (well, a list of the stacks), check the Compleat Polargeek, the stuff Katherine and Emily actually own. Feel jealous? Want to start a mad collection of geekery for your very own? Check out some of the places we've found great books.

If you're tired of the ice for now, visit the Favorites room. It is full of other books that come highly recommended. This is a good place to browse for fiction, history, children's books, humorous writings, and other great non-polar reads.

The Writers room is dedicated to those writers whose books are so good, we can't pick just one to recommend. Read these writers now, and be spiritually richer for it.

Finally, your visit to Framheim would not be complete without a visit to the Last Place on Earth Museum. Here is everything you could ever want to know about The Book that Started it All, the subsequent incredible Masterpiece Theatre production, and the amazing people who played the amazing people who raced for the pole. This is the place where all our obsessions come staggering out into the open. Come. Join us.

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