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Frank Nugent, a modern day explorer we met at the James Caird Dinner, is heading an all-Irish expedition through the Northwest Passage. If you've got IE, click here to read about his latest adventure (Netscape gets an error right now. Sorry...). They also tried to recreate Shackleton's open boat journey to South Georgia. Go here for their story.

Michael has contributed a short piece on the Discovery. He was recently invited to have dinner onboard, and it was a meal to remember.

Emily recently ventured Framward! Click here to read about her trip to Norway's Fram museum. Stay tuned for more travelogues about her visit to the polar mecca of Oslo, and to the James Caird Society dinner in London.

"Tom Crean: An Unsung Hero," by our own Michael Smith, is due to be released in the UK in September of this year. Check Amazon UK for more details (although, you can just email us with any questions, really).

Bill recently acquired a book containing the only public comment by Amundsen about Scott's death. It's a perfect example of the Edwardian penchant for not speaking ill of the dead.

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Good News: The Last Place on Earth was recently released on DVD.
Bad News: No extras! Isn't that the whole point of DVDs? My god, even The Waterboy has production extras. If this upsets you, tell BFS Video what you think (use their "feedback" form, or irritate the webmaster directly at jmalek@bfsent.com). They're Canadian, so I'd like to think they are reasonable people who will listen to us when we ask nicely for background, bios and interviews.

In related news, read our newly posted interview with Sverre Anker Ousdal. Now, if *I* could get an interview, don't you think someone at BFS could?

Check out this site about Kenneth Branagh's Shackleton movie. Rumour has it that the Mel Gibson movie has been tabled indefinitely due to script problems. Amen for small favours!

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