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Emily's reports from Norway have begun to trickle in. She's got a couple pages up so far, but more will be added in the coming weeks. Check back regularly, or send her an email if you have any questions or requests.

She has also finally gotten her act together and updated the LPOE episode write ups. There's also more on the Supporting Players page.

We have managed to see the Shackleton Exhibit currently making the rounds in the US. Check out how it rates.

Michael has submitted a nice little piece on his recent dinner aboard the Discovery in Dundee, Scotland.

A Shackleton song has been written and posted by New Jersey prog. rock band Ironia. Have a listen! I bet Hussey would be pleased.

The Northabout expedition has left for the Northwest passage. Follow the link to their press release and follow their progress.

Curewalk2001 has been postponed until Austral summer 2002-2003. It is heartening to hear about diabetics such as Will Cross, who has already made it to the North Magnetic Pole, planning expeditions to the South. It would be wonderful if the research stemming from this project will allow more diabetics (like, say, Emily) to venture South in capacities other than as a tourist.

The librarian has acquired 2 new books: The Race, by Kåre Holt, and Judgement Over the Dead, the screenplay to Last Place on Earth by Trevor Griffiths. Stay tuned for astute reviews and comparisions!

We have just published The (almost) Compleat Polargeek-- the current collection of the Sisters Polargeek. You can see how this makes moving day rather trying.

Another book review is up! Check out On Antarctica, and then Order here!

Katherine has updated the library-- three new books and more on the way!

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