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"With the help of the ship's party, we we able to make 46 traces in the course of an afternoon...That was a splendid result, and a good proof of what co-operation can do." Roald Amundsen, from his diary

Contributors to Framheim

© 1996 Satoshi Kitamura
Emily Slatten (editor) Emily wears the crown of geekdom like a drunk in a new years' party hat (rather soggily and at a rakish angle). When she isn't programming, cleaning the cat box or referring to herself in the third person, Emily translates dirty limericks into Norwegian and hoots incessantly. She also enjoys music, taquitos and the word "pantsless." She resides quite happily in Portland, Oregon in an apartment filled with nervous laughter, salty tears and commemorative spoons.

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Jan Reimers (author) is Ph.D. Chemical Physicist (or is the Physical Chemist?) who manages a research group at E-One Moli Energy (Canada) Ltd., a manufacturer of rechargeable Li-ion batteries. Jan lives in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada with his wife, Annalisa, and two little explorers, John Anthony (6) and Erik (4). Hobbies include skiing, hiking, biking, Gnu/Linux, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, and of course studying the history of exploration.

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Michael Smith (author)is a British journalist who worked as a business and political writer on newspapers like The Guardian and The Observer. He gave up full-time journalism to make the radical depature into historical biographies by writing the first-ever book about Tom Crean and has since embarked on chronicling the life of another famous Polar explorer. He is married with two sons and lives in London. He collects new and secondhand Polar books, is an avid sports fan and likes nothing more than a beer with friends.

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John Kruse (author) Aside from his bill-paying activity in technology asset management, John enjoys camping, hiking, microbreweries, and living vicariously through his son's roller hockey exploits. John also enjoys the study of polar exploration, both Arctic and Antarctic. John and his family reside in Longmont, Colorado, where he is currently reading "The Home of the Blizzard", by Douglas Mawson.

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Bill Bourland (contributor) lives in a renovated railroad depot in Texas, where he runs Renegade Electric, a consulting company, and collects Polar Literature. He is currently the only contributor who has actually set foot on Antarctica. Bill is fascinated by Robert Falcon Scott, but doesn't trust him. Visit his wife Jolene's Texas collectibles boutique Cowgirl Corral.

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Katherine Somervell (contributor), the elder half of the Sisters Polargeek, is quick to take credit for the existence of this site, having been the one who introduced Emily to The Last Place on Earth (both the book and the video). She is an unabashed Nansenite who has spent more than she can afford on rare editions of Farthest North in languages she can't read. A lawyer in real life, Katherine consequently has no sense of humor.

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