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"With the help of the ship's party, we we able to make 46 traces in the course of an afternoon...That was a splendid result, and a good proof of what co-operation can do."
--Roald Amundsen, from his diary

Wanted: polargeeks

Ever wanted to publish on the web, but just didn't have time for all the pesky set up? Ever wanted your writing to reach tens of people every week? Ever wanted to use your programming experience to help those less technically inclined? Excellent! Framheim is looking for a few good volunteers to:

  • Read and review polar books for the library
  • Suggest and review polar videos
  • Write synopses of Polar journeys and biographies of Polar explorers
  • While we can't offer monetary rewards for any contributions, we could possibly bake you cookies, or put in a good word for you to your mother. At the very least, we will give full credit to each contributor, with a biography and picture (of you, or your cat, or whomever you'd like).


    Email us at polargeek@framheim.com. Talk to us! Let us know what you're about. We're always looking for a few good geeks...

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