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Meet the PolarGeeks

Framheim.com was born of a geek and her sister abnormally obsessed with Antarctic history. Primarily influenced by Roland Huntford's Scott and Amundsen, this preoccupation with the race for the South Pole quickly expanded to include the Arctic, all things Norwegian, and the 7-part BBC production of The Last Place on Earth.

Reading up on the heroes and the pretenders who lived the history of the Antarctic, one can't help but think "What would I have done if my ship were being crushed by pack ice? How would I have chosen who went with me to the pole? What is hoosh, anyway?"

Framheim was created for all those who have ever sat at a wet bus stop, walkman batteries dead and bus a half hour late, and thought "Boy, I'd sure rather be in charge of an Antarctic Expedition right about now."

Emily is the geek-in-chief and web designer (such as it is), and Katherine is her sister and sounding board. Both are gainfully employed in Portland, Oregon, and lead perfectly normal lives. Really.

It's a fact!

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The views expressed on this website are the sole responsibility of the geek and, sometimes, her sister. Any historical inaccuracies or misrepresentations are accidental. Should you find any egregious mistakes, painful misspellings or broken links, please let us know. We are doing the best we can. All reasonable attempts were made to contact those who hold the rights to any images used within Framheim.com. If you or someone you know is affiliated in any way with the production companies responsible for The Last Place on Earth or any other movie mentioned here, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss rights of usage.

No one affiliated with Framheim.com makes any money from the sale of the books or movies mentioned herein. So don't feel obligated. Try your local library first.

If, however, there is any spiritual growth experienced as a result of the contents or recommendations of this web site, we'll be happy to accept the credit. And any brownies you might have handy.

A geek in the snow

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