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The Winner "Amundsen...had set his course, as he had determined, and without looking back...What does it not convey of a sage, well laid plan, and splendid execution of determined courage, endurance and manly power." -Fridtjof Nansen

Roald Amundsen [1872 - 1928]

Welcome to Roald Amundsen central. We have for you, in this collection, what could be the most extensive Amundsen information ever assembled online. Thanks to our tireless Canadian Author, we are proud to present the following for your enjoyment:
  • Amundsen: The Last of the Vikings; The man, the leader, the legend.
  • Young Amundsen, 1872-1895; Training for an adolescent dream.
  • The Belgica expedition, 1896-1899; An example of how not to run an expedition, and internship with the enigmatic Dr. Frederick A. Cook.
  • The Northwest passage, 1903-1906; Amundsens first contribution to science, and another internship, this time with the Netsilik eskimos.
  • The Big Nail, 1907-1909; Amundsen is a "closet" pole seeker. Who isn't?
  • The third voyage of the Fram, 1909-1912; a brief diversion to the south pole!
  • Why did Amundsen win the race with Scott?
  • The Maud Expedition, 1918-1925; Science, ethnography, a foray into air travel and more unsuccessful pole seeking.
  • Norge; A crash landing at 88°, and then finally over the North Pole.
  • The North Pole; Who really got there first?????
  • Epilogue; A suitable final resting place for Captain Amundsen.
  • Glossary; Some geographic names have changed since the age of exploration.
  • Bibliography.
  • Annotated Web Links.
  • NEW! Amundsen's first public comment on the death of Captain Scott
  • NEW! A visit to the Fram
  • NEW! Click here to read the biography of Amundsen in the publicity kit from The Last Place on Earth

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